Wednesday, 20 April 2011

..on a renaissance adventure!

While still working hard (in my mind right now) on the commissioned weddingdress I felt I wanted a side thing..something without a deadline and way too out there to be useful for I begun a small Tudor/Elizabethan-outfit-project! Small because it's child sized, not human sized. It's for my soon to be 3 year old. And that's today's story!

Since I'm not really a  fan of either of the 1500's high fashion, I'm going to mix them up a bit lowerclass-style. But basically I'm going for a mid 1500's look with balloon pants, neck ruffle and some other stuff..I'll see where I end up! There's also an idea about maybe making a girl-outfit to match, but there's no one volunteering to model that yet...but it sure would be cool to have that as this years art exhibition!
One piece is already nearly done: the shirt! the only thing missing now is the black work I'm gonna attempt to do. But I must say I'm not disappointed with the try-out-thing I made.
(yes..I do know it's not actually black..)

Lastly, here's my inspiration..First and foremost there is the Tudors! my favourite series. it's just awesome. Death, sex, drama and beautiful clothing..

Then there's some random Shakespeare in love (where I took the shirt from, btw.), Supersisers, and google..! aside from all the thousands of books I've probably already read about it..So now it's time to try it out! always fun to explore a new era really, reeeeeally closely! <3

Oh no, that's not my last thing! I want to dedicate my last sentence to Skruttis, who started her new blogg and then google kept us apart..electronically speaking..she was literally here yesterday.  
To Srutt!


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