Saturday, 19 March 2011

"Let me take you down, ’cause I’m going to Strawberry fields.."

part of my field..
..well, almost anyway. I have a field of tulle-netting right here. Seems like everything is covered in snow white tulle.. soon to be a brides underskirt. I have high hopes for this! right now it doesn't look like much though.. 
some wedding presents
This is the first time of snow white sewing for me..apparently. Didn't even have thread to match. Turns out that every time I've made something white it's been cream..or seashell. My wedding dress wasn't even white, it was cream and champagne colored..then again, that wasn't an accident. I'm not a fan of white. And then there was also the obvious non-virginity.


But speaking of my wedding dress.. It has such a nice place to be now! My love, my husband, brought me a present yesterday: a me-sized mannequin! and to try it out I put my wedding dress on it wont have to be hidden away in the closet anymore, yeei! Looking forward to all kinds of cool things I could make on it! It's even dark favorite. always.
And speaking of side project is slowly coming along. I now have my period underwear made out of an old sheet, some left over lace, cute little buttons from my mother-in-law and two badly fitting tops from my post-pregnancy time. And yes, when it comes to my own things I favor the nature friendly recycling and re-using much is lost when you search for new things instead of looking at what is already there. Also it gives things such a used bohemian look! 
When I learn how to do white-embroidery I'll write "liberty" on my chemise.

This time I decided to leave out my jumping-around, pale and naked face! just dress this time. 

 Lastly, before I fall asleep, this is just the cutest thing..My son loves to look into my lit up I made an older one as a night light. 

Good night!

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