Tuesday, 26 October 2010

dear diary, this is my new blog..again.

I must confess..this is not my firts blog. It's like..my 4th..? For some reason I always lose intrest when the first exitement of novelty is over and I see that a blog is supposed to be all open and honest..so I stop writing and soon after I forget the password..then I forget I ever had a blog and jump right ino the new and exiting idea I just had! a blog!  I do wonder how long my comitment is goning to last this time. Casue, everyone should know, comitment issues is not limited to relationships.
Aaanywaay, welcome to my new blog! 

It doesn't really look like I had imagined, but good enough! had to ask for some boy help when the blog and my background picture took a big KAAAKA all over my awsome plans! (I do not work well with resistance..) So a gigant-sized thank you to my romanticaly-linked co-habitant..! 

And now: my first post will be the original backgound picture.

my imaginary happy place for today

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