Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The latest from red ridinghood in Maidstone

Now on the other side of my emigration plans and the creativeness has had to sit back for a while..but I must say, hand sewing and embroidering really calms ones soul. I did finish my new 1880's dress before I left the country so more on that when there is some pictures to go with it. 

(when I watch the film, it's 90% because of this scene)
 And speaking of the 80's, there's been lots of time to finish reading Bel Ami..the best thing I have to say is that the film will be really cool to watch! I can definitely understand how it would have been some chocking reading to the middle classes 130 years ago, and that's not because the things in it would be unusual, but I would have liked some purpose and deeper meaning to weigh up all the shallow focus on money and endless, pointless seduction. Clearly Bel Ami is a little bit of an 1880's French Gossip Girl (in lack of better comparison). All in all, Dorian Gray kicks Bel Ami's ass.
 So now I hang out with Tess of the d'Urbervilles instead. I know how it ends..and that if it was me I wouldn't make the same choices..but she is really admirable. Besides, Thomas Hardy apparently wrote really nicely. And if you all remember, I did name a dress after Tess!

Still, I don't really have that much to share yet. Soon there will be some cool dress pictures..hand sewing..apartment decorating (yes, apartment. Conformity is for suckers.) AND also a new blog upcoming! I noticed in my search for it that there is no one out there writing about emigrating to new countries..apparently it is not done any more..Well now it is done! I'm bringing emigration back! 

Until then remember: Bravery is not the absence of fear, but the mastery of it.

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