Friday, 24 June 2011

Curious things..

I googled it all by my self!

Now that my mind is free to create it's gone crazy over it! Everything is just so freakin' exiting! But to be more specific, I've kind of picked up where I sidetracked during the wedding dress. So sitting here, in my green striped and slightly too short late 1800's skirt, I'm trying to create something of a way less fancy  spin-off to this---->

I'm being unspecific because that is, so far, my vision. Unspecific.
Mostly I'm wanting to be as historically accurate as possible while I'm doing what we talk about every now and then, my friend Skrutti (yeah u know who u are!) and I. To have the courage to wear your personality on the outside.
all so far..

Anyway. I'm a favour a somewhat inappropriate late Victorian style as my most eccentric, so that's what it will be.. less dramatic than it sounds though.
Already have the petticoats, the corset, the corsetcover and now my green overskirt. So all I need is the bodice..or 2 of them? I haven't decided. And then all the small things that make it look real.

Other than that I also found something fun when unpacking some things. I made this bonnet years ago after having helped make bonnets for a Dickens play..they were just sooo cute! 

my Lus trying it on

 As a last thin, I just want to say...I love oil lamps. 

God night..and happy midsummer!

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