Sunday, 15 May 2011

Challenge excepted..!

My own..but still. Quick explanation: some days ago I saw a nice top, but like always I thought about how easily I could make it better, so I didn't buy it. Like always. But since I never actually make it when I think I will I don't really KNOW if I could..hence the challenge. So I went and got some fabric and lace (new even!) and..well, did it.

Adjusted the drawstring to the waist (unlike the original where it was in some kind of weird middle ground), a bit less boob-lace, a little narrower shoulders and a curved "hemline" (if one can call it that on a top..?) and there it is. If the fabric wasn't so stiff (it's seriously impossible to find good fabric when you want it in this town) it would be freaking perfect! 

When it was almost done I thought it might be a good idea to remember what the original looked like, so I went back to the shop and pictured it...So this would be my inspiartion:

I'm using it a bit differently in my pictures tough..(just wildly guessing H&M is supposed to be worn with treggings and melon-boobs)  Only because I have a tendency to think of the original, original in where it comes from. Kind of like this:

So here it is, with a details and all, my slightly modern camisole/corsetcover!  and the skirt is just there cause it's cute..


Finally I want to add that my new friend dressed in my white outfit scared the shit out of my husband yesterday..metaphorically. Boooo...!

..on a side note..that's how it went with that "keeping interest alive "-shit.

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